Conference contributions on cellular metals

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H.P. Degischer (Editor).
2. Symposium Metallschäume, Wien, 28.-29.2.2000
Conference on metal foams held in German, Proceedings published as a special issue of Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik (Wiley-VCH)
The titles of 52 individual articles can be viewed here! [most articles in German]

P. Zitha, J. Banhart, G. Verbist (Editors).
Foams, Emulsions and their Applications.
3rd Euroconference, Delft, 5.-8.June 2000.
MIT-Verlag ,Bremen (2000)
The titles of 46 individual articles can be viewed here

H.P. Degischer (Editor).
Materials Week 2000 - Symposium H3, München, September 2000.
Proceedings published electronically (titles of articles (17 of metal foams) can be viewed by selecting "H3" and "go").

M. Seitzberger, S. Willminger:
Application of plastic collapse mechanisms for the axial crushing analysis of tubular steel structures filled with aluminium foam.
In: E. C. Chirwa, D. Otte, eds., Proc. Int. Crashworthiness Conf. ICRASH 2000, September 6-8, 2000, London (UK), 458-469. The Bolton Institute, Bolton (UK), 2000.

L. Helfen, T. Baumbach, J. Banhart, H. Stanzick, P. Cloetens, W. Ludwig, J. Baruchel:
High-resolution radioscopy and tomography for light materials and devices
15th World Conference on Non-destructive Testing, Roma, (Italia). 15-21 October 2000

F. Simancik, W. Rajner pdf
Alulight - aluminum foam for lightweight construction
SAE World Congress, Detroit, Michigan, 6-9 March, 2000

V. Shapovalov, L. Boyko pdf
Advantages of Gasar-materials for brake shoes and plates
Society of Automotive Engineers, 2000

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