Conference contributions on cellular metals

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J. Banhart, M.F. Ashby, N.A. Fleck (Editors)
MetFoam 99, Bremen, 14.-16.6.1999, International Conference on metal foams and porous metal structures. Proceedings published by MIT-Verlag Bremen (1999)
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J. Banhart pdf
Development of advanced foams under microgravity
in "Foams and Films", Editors: D. Weaire, J. Banhart, Verlag MIT Bremen (1999), p. 73-78

T.W. Clyne, F. Simancik (Editors)
Euromat 99, München, 8.-29.9.1999, Symposium on MMCs and metal foams. Proceedings published as Vol. 5 of a series of proceedings by Wiley-VCH (1999)
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V.A. Ettel:
New Inco powders and foams for nickel batteries
NiCad 98, Prague, 21-22. Sept. 1999

U. Galovski, R. Kretz
Manufacturing of large size aluminium net shape parts for automotive applications
ISATA 99, Vienna, 14.-16. June 1999

V. Gergely, F. Simancik, T.J. Matthams, T.W. Clyne
Preparation of ceramic/metal foam laminates using an in-situ foaming technique
12th Int. Conf. Composite Materials, Editors: T. Massard, A. Vautrin, Paris July 1999

S.K. Hyun, Y. Shiota, K. Murakami, H. Nakajima
Mechanical properties of porous copper fabricated by unidirectional solidification under high pressure hydrogen.
Proc. Int. Conf. Solid-State Phase Transformations '99 (JIMIC-3)
Editors: M. Koiwa, K. Otsuka, T. Miyazaki, Japan Institute of Metals (1999)

J. Kovacik, F. Simancik pdf
Comparison of zinc and aluminium foams in deformation and fracture
Deformation and Fracture in Structural PM Materials, Kosice, 1999

V. I. Shapovalov pdf
Hydrogen as a new alloying element in metals
USDOE, Livermore, 1999

V. I. Shapovalov pdf
Metal-hydrogen phase diagram in the vicinity of melting temperatures

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